In today's highly competitive environment, there are more and more situations where there is a lot of pressure to make swot-analysis fast and without mistakes:

The competition has become harder and harder or there are new players on the market and it's time to review the swot;
The lifecycle of products becomes shorter and shorter, new trends are showing up;
People turnover has never been higher in organizations and new management mostly means new policies and new rules and new strategies;
All markets become saturated, get low margins and profitability;
In situations of mergers, acquisitions and due diligence one wants to assess the positions, strengths and weaknesses of the partners involved.
Every kind of a plan needs a swot: strategic plan, business plan, business case, marketing plan, sales plan, product plan etc. A lot of these must be developed within strict deadlines.
Companies and organization must assess from times to times if there strategic direction is still valid. Often this is done as reaction to an outside event like a new competitor, new technologies.

Whenever new companies or new products are launched on new markets or when a re-branding action must be executed there is urgent need to make a swot.


You are searching for a method that guarantees fast result but ...

Where to look? Today you can find information everywhere: internet, magazines, books, consultants, federations, ... But where to start?;


Most of the people searching don't have the multibillion budgets like in the large corporation;


On the internet not all information you need is on the first page, sometimes you have to look further;


It's difficult to find qualified information on methods, tools and cases. There just isn't a directory nicely done with everything in it;


It's difficult to find real cases and testimonials of success stories;


What are the proven methods and tools that can help to do the job? How do you know the quality?;


The available information on the internet is huge but unstructured.

So yes there are a number of reasons why finding the right swot method is difficult and takes away time. But in today's business world time is precious and resources are limited.


There are well tested methods and tools to make a perfect swot analysis fast.

Of course there are great methods, tools, tips and techniques around there to help you do the job. If you search well you will find different lists of interesting methods you can take on. You can find the use of a swot-analysis also in a great number of different management area's like strategy, business planning, marketing, sales, business casing, creativity, design, futuring, product development, trend watching, market research, marketing and so on. And there are great entrepreneurs with great cases where we all can learn from on finding how they organized to make a swot.

Mostly a basic swot-analysis method can be used for different area's like for a home business, a small business, a multi-national corporate, an internet business, a start-up business, a spin-off activity etc.

So yes there are simple and well functioning methods to make a great swot analysis without risc but this valuable information is scattered around over the internet, books, articles and experts and you have to figure out what the quality is. Wouldn't it be nice to have a selection of quality information been put together in one place?

This guide is packed with plenty of information, ideas, methods, tools and tips that will help you to make a swot-analysis fast and with guaranteed result.

A introduction on the swot matrix;

Explanation on what strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are examined;

A program or process to successfully run a swot-analysis within an organization;
Step-by-step the specific research methods to discover business opportunities;
Information on who must participate in a project or a workshop;
Some fundamental basics when a swot is performed with a group for example "the whole system in the room";
A list with all materials needed when running a workshop;
Introduction of special creativity techniques for fast results;
Tips on how to facilitate a swot-analysis workshop, - brainstorm or -session well;
Special group-techniques for clustering ideas and selecting ideas;
A recommended action-brainstorming on the swot-result;
Suggestion to use a confrontation matrix following a swot-analysis;

30 minutes free online coaching or advice (phone or mail);

250 $ voucher in case an external gro3 swot-expert is asked as facilitator.


and many other things which will help realize a perfect swot-analysis.


"SWOT ANALYSIS WORKSHOP" manual only costs 17,95 $ (excl)

The time you win and the guaranteed result will pay you back easily.

With only one small investment of 17,95 $ you don't have to spend you time searching the internet nor reading books to find out what's out there. So you will economize a lot on all the hours you don't have to spend behind a screen.

This guide is a pdf document you can download instantly. You don't have to wait until you gathered and tested all information yourself but you can start immediately after you have downloaded the guide. So you'll win this little investment easily.

All information is searched and validated by professionals. You can benefit from all expertise they have been building up in this area. This way you get validated tools, methods, tips and ideas that are tested in the real world. You don't have to take the risc you take when experimenting with new tools or methods found on the internet.

All information is nicely structured and easy to navigate so you don't have to do this yourself. Quickly you can find anything inside the guide.

This guide is portable and like all e-books made for sharing with others.

No more frustration when you don't find the right information you were looking for.

You'll get valuable information and advice on how to make a swot-analysis.

You will learn a lot on topics important to make a performant swot-analysis like:

- how to "get the whole system in the roam"?

- how to organize for ongoing streams input for a swot?

- how to organize a swot-brainstorm?

- how to get great ideas from participants?

- what creativity techniques to use for a swot-analysis?

- what's a swot?

- what are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

- how can you make an action or market plan based on the swot-result?

You'll get a 250 $ voucher and 30 minutes free online advice and coaching

You will get up to date information on this topic with the 2012 edition.


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This guide is developed by specialists in innovation and new business from within the network of the agency They do regularly brainstorms, training's, coaching and contracting projects in the domains of creativity, innovation, new business and start-up projects. It are all experts and practitioners who have been working within a great number of satisfied companies.

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